T.O.P's Blue Bracelet

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Aug 11

Anonymous said: Hi, I really enjoy your blog! Um, I made an observation the other day while watching the 2010 Strong Heart episode with Shin Min Ah, I noticed she was wearing a beige Paul Smith bracelet on her right wrist. Could it be she and Top have secretly been together all these years?! ^^

Seunghyun’s bracelet isn’t from Paul Smith. However, there is a bracelet similar to his from Orit. Right here.

I just looked at pictures from Strong heart with Shin Min Ah, and from what I can see, I don’t think there is any connection between the bracelet she is wearing and TOP’s blue bracelet. He has answered a question  about his bracelet saying a long time fan gave it to him and that it was a lucky charm but had no special meaning.

I’m not just denying what you think, I’m just saying I don’t believe they have ever been together. I have no proof though so If you think that, I wonder how they would see each other with out anyone knowing.

bigbangcouples said: I know I'm not the only one who notice his lucky bracelets, how lucky fans.. >w<

Nope. There are at least 140 other people you notice his bracelet. :)

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Oh my god his hair.
TOP, hun. I&#8217;m sorry but blonde doesn&#8217;t match your skin tone very well.

Oh my god his hair.

TOP, hun. I’m sorry but blonde doesn’t match your skin tone very well.

Aug 08

On his right wrist you can see the edge of it.

On his right wrist you can see the edge of it.

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(Source: heckyesitsfreakingtop)